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I want to open a new window...

Hi everybody,
    I'm sure that the question I'm going to ask will have a very simple answer, but I really feel inside a hole. 
    I have the following problem: 
    I'm building a virtual world and I would want to open a new browser each time someone knocks on the door. I want to have two browers because in one of them will be loaded the whole world and in the other one only the inside of a room. And I also want to close the last browser  if the user wants to leave the room. 
    My first solution, for the first part of the problem, was to use a anchor. I wrote an unexisting url in the parameter field. So the browser would have to bring out a new window. If I used Netscape with WorldView or CosmoPlayer it worked, but  not with Microsoft Explorer. 
        So I tried with another thing: a script: 

"javascript:function isActive() {

msg = open('uno.wrl','main','toolbar=no,menubar=no,directories=no,HEIGHT=500,WIDTH=800,status=yes');


This script works with HTML but not in VRML. It doesn't recognize 'open' or 'window.open' or 'document.open', etc. Perhaps the problem could be that I don´t know how to route the event out correctly.

    I also tried with loadUrl but I didn't manage anything.

So, my question is:

    How can I open a new window containing a new world through an event ?

Thanks in advance,


Lourdes Guerra Fornos
Tlfno: (986) 447247