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The interactive, installations and architecture

Hi all

thought it may be appropriate to introduce myself.

I am a recent graduate of Architecture from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  During the later part of my studies I have became very interested in the interactive.  Particularly in reference to interactive spaces or installations.  I have been experimenting with circular systems of deformation and distortions creating chain reactions of self-informing interplay and a kind of electronic avalanche effect.  I have investigated 'coterminous interaction', or interaction between building/installation and the walker/viewer and the effect of the tactile experience upon spatial perception. 

I have worked with projected space and have toyed with VRML.  My architectural presentations have been realised through 3d modelling and animations utilising StrataStudio Pro on the Mac platform.  I also run a Win'95 laptop on which I do webpage authoring.  I have done some linear video work and have limited experience with digital video. 

Currently I am investigating ways of blurring the edge between what is actual and what is virtual with a view to utilising remote/satellite installations and streaming audio/video.  This lends itself to spatial, geographic and temporal distortions and live/prerecorded constancy shifts. 

My special interest is in architectural design - particularly fine structural resolution and mobile or articulated spaces that act as interactive, mechanical environments. 


This all sounds pretty exotic; it's not really, I've only dabbled in it.  I want to continue to experiment in this area.  I have studied now for 5 years full-time and would like a job or a project or an installation or something that can give me an opportunity to investigate some of these ideas waiting to happen.  What do I do??

I am leaving for the UK and Europe in 8 days time for a 7 week OE with the family.  They fly home at the end of January and I stay on with a working holiday clearence for some time.  Are there any opportunities out there that someone like myself could get my teeth into?


James Frankham

mail: one@earthcorp.com
web: http://www.earthcorp.com/one
iphone: extemporo@pub1.ipn.vocaltec.com