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Re: to activate different timer per script

I've tried your scripts in WorldView 2.0 and Cosmo Player for WIN95 inside
Netscape Navigator 3.3 and they both work just fine. See the attached file.
When you click the Sphere it will slowly turn transparent.


P.S. one quick way to test if a TimeSensor is running, is to ROUTE the
fraction_changed eventOut to a material node's set_transparency eventIn. You
will immediately know if your timer is runnning, because the object(s) who
use that material node will turn more transparent over the cycleInterval. Or
send the value to a DirectionalLight's set_intensity eventIn and watch the
change in lighting.

>Hello everybody,
>I use WorldView 2.0 for WIN95 and have problems with my scripts.
>Why doesen't the following programm work?
>I need to activate a (different) timer from inside the script.
>I'd be very thankfull for your help !