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Variant magazine

Variant magazine now on the web...

Point your browser towards Variant, Scotland's leading independent arts journal.


Variant is a magazine of cross-currents in culture: critical thinking,
imaginative ideas, independent media and artistic interventions.

Variant is an independently produced 'art' magazine, which is distributed
free in the UK and abroad. We take art to mean culture and how culture is
formed, Variant makes a contribution to this through the work of our
writers. Variant is not run by the Arts Council or a district council; this
gives the magazine more freedom of expression: the freedom to criticise is
something which is dying out in the UK. Variant is produced by a small
group of individuals with the support of the artistic community. We feel
that Variant can also be appreciated by a broader public. All of the
contributors are individuals working in the visual arts. The writing in the
magazine is 'critical'; we see this as meaning that it should function as a
forum for writers to document, report, explore, analyse and express their
ideas and arguments. We welcome contributions and also criticisms of the
magazine itself from our readers.

e-mail: postmaster@cryptic.demon.co.uk

"All that is comes from the mind"

Chris Byrne, Kaleidoscope