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Re: Any Activity Here?

>Crank it up.  People should use this list to get as much cross
>pollination as possible.  At the same time, I heartily recommend
>comp.lang.vrml as a first resort.

I have a world with a bow and arrow. I need to shoot the arrow and be able
to tell when it its a specific world coordinate. The bow is aimed by a
spheresensor and the arrow is a child of the bow. Easy enough to get the
arrow to go where the bow aims as it just heads straight down the bow's
(rotated) z axis. I need to find out when the arrow intersects with a
stationary object though. 

An example of the world is at
Press the white button on the bow to arm it. Press the green button on the
bow to fire it. Click and drag any part of the bow to aim it.

There are a lot of uses I can think of for being able to keep track of
object collisions. If anyone has any scripting examples of something like
this they are willing to share it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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