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Re: Any Activity Here?

Evenin' all,

There are people hanging around, and willing to help as much as is
possible.  Sorry I didn't respond immediately, I've been working on getting
the text portions of my thesis done (VRML part is next).  I don't use the
EAI (mostly because I don't have a browser combination that supports it).
If you're just looking for volume, the www-vrml list off vrml.org seems to
be fairly busy.

My thesis project (the vrml part) will be the creation of simple interface
elements for navigating through the information presented in my thesis (the
model for the space is already mostly there).  Nothing spectacular, just
hierarchic opening/closing, mouse-over text, a few browser.loadurl's (to
various frames), etceteras.


At 18:18 1997.08.04 -0800, Dennis McKenzie wrote:
>At 11:44 PM 8/4/97 +0200, Oliver Schnuerer wrote:
>>hi all,
>>me too is wondering about the little amount of mails for a  quite
>>interesting topic...
>I have been hanging around this list for over a year, and it is _very_
>quite. I was hoping to see a lot of script examples and code being passed
>around, since I am still in the learning phase with VRML2.0 behaviors. 
>How many out there would be willing to help out if I started asking a lot
>of questions about scripting, the EAI, and such? I watch the cosmoplayer
>newsgroup regularly, but is hard to get answers there.
>Dennis McKenzie
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