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Re: Track And Field rocks!!!

 Steve Dixon wrote:
 > > 9.15 is my best so far, but I can't figure out the damn Javelin, the
 > > longest I have ever been able to throw it was 64.78, not even far
 > > enough to qualify in normal. Am I missing something, I know you have
 > > to follow through, and I do, but I just can't get this. What angle
 > > have you all found to best for the Javelin? I have no problem with any
 > > other event, but this is really beginning to piss me off. Thanks.
 > >
 > >
 > hmmm.....the best angle for most events is anywhere from 40 to 55 degrees
 > or so, at least for me.  about the javelin, you almost have to start you
 > wind up when the angle meter appears on the screen and get it around 45
 > degrees or so.  you should have plenty of time to release it and not foul.
 >  also, has anyone seen stuff from the 1st track & field in this one(i.e.
 > gopher, ufo, etc.)?
 > because when i was doing the pole vault a space shuttle appeared and was
 > flying over the bar, but i didnt get there in time to hit it.  ohh i think
 > i set the height to whatever the WR is on Normal difficulty.
 >                                 SK|NS
 I saw a flock of birds once, but that's it. Love this game.