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ATTN: JMS-question about Voices of Authority

 spoiler hyper space
 "Coming out of spoiler hyper-space sir!"
 I just rewatched VoA and it raised one serious question. One of the beauties
 of B5 is the care that the author takes in makeing sure THINGS MAKE SENSE.
 In other popular SF tv shows, it seems as if the writers rarelyif ever ask
 themselves how or why an event could happen, what are both the logical
 chain of events leading up to it, following from it. In otherwords, 
 coincidences rarely happen. And those that drive the central story never
 In VoA, there is one happening that is not clearly explained and "feels"
 like something from "that other show". That is when Susan is in the Great
 Machine and just happens to somehow, by accident tap into the records of
 Clark's conversation with Mordon about the assasination. Out of the
 sesqui-quadrillions of bits of information, news broadcasts, radio 
 transmissions, how did she stumble upon this key bit'o'data. Inquiring
 minds want to know. I assume it had to something to do with 
 her latent telepathy that maybe the machine tuned in on.
 Oh, BTW, I never did see any posting as to where "Arthur" got his 
 chain mail, either. 
 Your humble servant,
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 god 'Buji'"-Marcus
 ** Mike Smithwick -, author First Light