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My Skepticism of the Sufis Tradition. (fwd)

 Dear Noman Khalid-Khan, AssalaamOAlaikum (Greetings),
 >From  Sun May  5 07:39:50 1996
 Date: Sun, 05 May 1996 10:39:09 -0400 (EDT)
 From: Noman Khalid-Khan <>
 Subject: My Skepticism of the Sufis Tradition.
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 	The following is the year end Philosophizing for 95-96.  I require
 that all of you read this as I am sure that being muslim or interested in
 Islamic Theology you must have opinions regarding it. Also if you are
 interested in Aristotle, Al Farabi or any ontological and the debate
 regarding the nature of the act of Creation (EX-Nihilo) this, then, should
 be particularly interesting. Although,the following is a letter addressed
 to a Prof at the University of Toronto in the Middle-Eastern and Islamic
 department, nonetheless, you should be able to grasp the essentials of the
 argument I submit.  The class I attended (rather auditted) was MEI.453Y
 (Topics in Islamic Mystical Thought).
 	So I'll let you go through the letter and please do not hesistate
 to give me your opinion on the matter.  It would be nice as to generate a
 discussion on the matter between the recipients of this message
 throughout the summer months.
 	PS..Those of you who got this on a list server and I don't know
 you personally please REPLY TO MY ADDRESS Below OR the Following address:
 			Noman Khalid-Khan
 			University Of Toronto
 Unconcerned, mocking, violent -- thus Wisdom want us: She is a woman and
 always loves only a warrior. TSZ, BKII.(F.N)
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 Date: April 16th, 1996.
 From: Noman Khalid-Khan
 To: Professor Timothy J. Gianotti
 Re: My scepticism of the Sufis tradition.

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