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Re: Faces on Mars

 Michael W. Malone wrote:
 > > "Innocent until proven guilty" is a sound idea in law, but it's not the way
 > > science works.  In science, a hypothesis is considered false until sufficient
 > > evidence is available to support it.  Rarely, if ever, is anything considered
 > > "proven."  Instead, the strength of a hypothesis is tested, and the results
 > > of the test are evaluated in terms of some statistical probability of their
 > > correctness.  The burden of 'proof' is therefore on the proposer of far-out
 > > hypotheses (like the faces on Mars), not on the skeptics.  The skeptics, by
 > > questioning these ideas, are doing what the methods of science _require_
 > > them to do.  If the evidence for the faces on Mars becomes strong
 > enough, theirh
 > > reality will be accepted.  If strong supporting evidence is not forthcoming,
 > > they won't.  Personally, my money would be on the latter possibility.
 > Well said, except...
 > The burden of 'proof' is on the supporter of an hypotheses, regardless of
 > how  far-out or mundane.  If I'm stating that gravity keeps me from
 > falling out of my chair, it's my burden to prove it, not yours.
 > _________________
 > These opinions can float large blimps.
 When the Shuttle flights became commonplace the Earth was photographed 
 more and more and the results taken as a matter of fact.
 One picture taken by the increasingly more frequent passages of these 
 orbital machines showed the incredible outline of a human head -- 
 (including beard, eyebrows, lips, ears....fully textured as though 
 sculptured by an extremely talented artist) -- sitting in the shallow 
 waters off the coast of Newfoundland.. the name of the Island escapes me 
 at the moment but it is named after the person (famous personality) 
 which it most resembles.
 I can't help but wonder why these people who advocate the certainty of 
 life on Mars because of a rock which happens to vaguely resemble the 
 distorted outline of a phseudo human head choose to ignore the definite 
 natural occurrance of a manifestly more coincidental shaping of natural 
 phenonemon right here on our own Planet!!!
 Take a second look!!!!!!
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