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[radio] El Hazard - 1996.06.21

 El Hazard - 1996.06.21
     Ijigen Douchuu (Kozakura Etsuko and Iwanaga Tetsuya)
     El Hazard episode 6 [Hametsu no Sekai El Hazard]
 The first corner was "El Ha na Yatsu wo Sagase" (find the person who
 looks like El Hazard characters).
 They played "Ijigen Douchuu" by Kozakura Etsuko and Iwanaga Tetsuya,
 which will be on the El Hazard radio drama CD.
 The next corner was "Konshuu no Yabou" (this week's ambitions).  Someone
 wanted to see Tetsuya dress up as a girl.
 The drama was El Hazard radio drama episode 6, Hametsu no Sekai El
 Hazard (The World of Destruction El Hazard).  Narration by Inoue Kikuko.
 They announced that Etsuko's CD commemoration event will be 8/3 in Osaka
 and 8/4 in Tokyo.  There will be songs and talk, by both Etsuko and Tet-
 suya.  The details will be in the next Shonen Captain (on sale 6/25).
 The final corner was "Etchan no Mayonaka Undameshi" (Etchan's Midnight
 Fortune).  She said that the people with birthdays in June and December
 will be lucky next week.
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