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 El Hazard - 1996.06.14
     Sayonara ha Kantan (Takada Yumi)
     El Hazard episode 5 [Konton no Sekai El Hazard]
 The first corner was "El Ha na Yatsu wo Sagase" (find the person who
 looks like El Hazard characters).
 They played "Sayonara ha Kantan" by Takada Yumi, which is on the Tenchi
 Muyou Radio Den'ei Bako Mystery Channel CD.
 The next corner was "Konshuu no Yabou" (this week's ambitions).
 At the request from a listener, Etsuko tried to do an adult, sexy voice.
 They also mentioned that there will be signed posters given away to
 those who have their postcards read on the air.
 The drama was El Hazard radio drama episode 5, Konton no Sekai El Hazard
 (The World of Confusion El Hazard).  Narration by Inoue Kikuko.
 There was a CM for the El Hazard game for the Sega Saturn.
 At the ending, they played "Nandeyane", the new ED song by Iwanaga Tet-
 suya, which was sung in kansai-ben.  Tetsuya said that singing in
 kansai-ben was easier than talking in kansai-ben, because the intona-
 tions and such were already fixed.
 Radio no Sekai El Hazard CD special will go on sale 7/24, 4800 yen, 2
 CDs, special sticker.  It will have the 8 drama that was aired on the
 radio show, along with new drama, and the OP and ED songs.  It will come
 in the same large package as the Pretty Sami CD special.  It will be a
 limited edition set.
 Kozakura Etsuko's album will also come out on 7/24, and she will have
 some events in August.  More information about the events will be given
 in the radio show later.
 The final corner was "Etchan no Mayonaka Undameshi" (Etchan's Midnight
 Fortune).  She said that the people with birthdays in March and August
 will be lucky next week.
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