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Re: IC: Wolves Glen Pub

 In message <> Karen Kuhn wrote:
 > Rory McLean wrote:
 > > > Emotions Curiosity/Sympathy/Pity behind Question: Sense 
 > > > others-cannot- why]
 > > 
 > > Hitiko appears quite confused by this form of communication, and
 > > wrinkles her brow (cutely, or course).
 > > 
 > > After a few moments, during which the Keplian might sense her repressing
 > > in an automatic way an impulse towards violence, she tries to reply.
 > > 
 > > [Interrogative: Please explain. I do not understand 'cannot sense
 > > others'. And she gives an image of sensing someone on multiple levels
 > > via Matter, Life, and Prime magick, with maybe just a hint of Spirit]
 > (Shocking loneliness-Hitiko, frustration/impatience, then help/picture 
 > of Kao-liang standing on the same black rock shoreline that was in the 
 > Keplian's introduction).
 Hitiko continues to be confused.
 > Kao-liang bows, inferior to superior, "If I may, most beauteous and 
 > bewitching of belles?
 Hitiko goes rather red. And bows to him inferior to superior.
 > Keplians, while not minding being alone 
 > occasionally, are fairly sociable creatures.  Rhiannon says you know 
 > many science fiction authors.  Have you ever read Octavia Butler's 
 > Patternmaster series? 
 "No...", murmers Hitiko, "More the 'hard science' ones."
 > Keplians form groups kind of like that, though 
 > based more on empathy than telepathy, to be sure.  Once they are no 
 > longer female, they leave the...empathy group? of their birth and 
 > travel until they find another group where they can fit easily into 
 > the existing empathy bonds.  Not being able to let others feel you is 
 > then as awful to a Keplian as not being able to feel others in return, 
 > as it would mean they could not join an empathy-group, and would then 
 > be lonely their entire lives.  Does knowing that information help 
 > explain his feelings towards you?"
 Hitiko bows to the Keplian, and tries to frame her thoughts.
 [Apology/Embarrassment/Wish-to-not-offend. Images of Hitiko working
 happily, images of her laughing at a joke from her sensei and from Alex.
 Images of Hitiko listening in fascination to Rhiannon and Saint John.
 Images of Hitiko meeting Dr Joe Rosen, and him accepting that she is a
 Son of Ether, and that she can work with him.]
 [I am not really that lonely, no more than most humans, anyway.]
 [Image of Iteration X with a group mind, no individuality, no creativity
 allowed that is not agreed by the group. Grey thoughts. Grey lives. Wish
 to not be submerged in a group/collective mind. Understanding?]
 > > Hitiko
 > > Confused, but still willing.
 > Kao-liang, Kiasyd and 
 > Strong-breeze-in-early-winternight-on-black-rock-shore,
 > full-moon-rising-over-horizon-with-few-clouds, feel-of-salt-spray,
 > scent-of-firegrass, Keplian.
 > Willing to confuse
 Trying to explain.
 Rory McLean, Dreamer