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Re: Empower, restrictions?

 In article <4r12ve$59f@madeline.INS.CWRU.Edu>, brp@po.CWRU.Edu says...
 />>I was looking at the psi handbook the other day.....and wondered 
 />>kind of restricions should you put on a psionist being able to use 
 />>empower power?
 />>Acording to what's written in the spell desc your level 6 psi could 
 />First, Empower requires that the Psionicist be level 11 as a 
 />for its use.
 Forgot about this, but it's still DAM powerful for a level 11 to be 
 carrying around 20+ empowered weapins....
 >>just buy a really nice high-quality dagger and empower it with tons a
 >>tons of powers, seal it, then he'd have a weapon more powerful than a
 >>number really munchkin magic swords....What can I do to prevent him 
 >>from just knocking off daggers of 
 >>dominiation/disintigration/telekenesis/detonate/whateverthehell and 
 >>giveing 2 out to every party memeber??? I know makeing the daggers ha
 >>to get, but its' not very realistic to not let someone with a good de
 >>of gold buy a high quality dagger?
 >>The ONLY bad thing I can think of is mabey if the weapon gets pissed 
 >>off and has dominate....:)
 >I am wrestling with this same problem, and also the problem that every
 >empowered item is by definition intelligent, self aware - almost a
 >self actor.
 What's worse is that if they just put a couple of powers into it it 
 will have vERY low ego and be easy to control.....
 Now if they put too much stuff into it:) hehehhe
 >I am inclined toward requiring that the item not be of exceptional
 >quality but that the psionicist must spend some time meditating with i
 >learning the channels that power must flow through the item before he
 >can begin to empower it (say minimally a month of time where he cannot
 >adventure or do anything particularly useful otherwise).
 >You mentioned a dagger of domination/detonation... which would violate
 >another restriction on empowered items which is that ALL of the
 >psionic powers placed into the item MUST BE from the same discipline.
 Realized this 2 mins after I sent the post:) But were still talking 
 about dominiation/psi blast/mindwipe/invisability/id insiunation, even 
 if only 2 of these are used it's still REALLY powerful....
 />My current psionicist in my campaign has just made it to level 11, 
 />so I am fairly familiar with how much/little an 11th lvl psi could
 />be expected to have in one discipline, and quite frankly if they have
 />empower, and their primary discipline is not telepathy, then they
 />most likely do not have more that 3 sciences and 6 devotions in their
 />primary discipline.