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Re: Melatonin Users - downregulation?

 Steve Farmer <> wrote:
 >Jason Taylor wrote, re melatonin production:
 >> wrote:
 >> : In article, (Alan Pollock) writes:
 >> : >Actually, according to multitudinous medline reports and from other
 >> : >sources, the pineal gland does Not loose the capacity to produce
 >> : >melatonin, nor does it ever stop producing it whilst supplements 		 
 >     are [being given].
 >> That's great news if true!  I'm a sceptic at heart though, so would
 >> you be so kind as to post the references of the papers which show that
 >> production is independent of serum levels?  Many thanks in advance.
 >I agree with Jason. I've used time-release melatonin (1.8 - 2 mg/night) 
 >for over a year now. I developed signs of tolerance after a few months. 
 >I now use melatonin every *other* night, and so far the strategy has 
 >worked perfectly, at least so far as sleep quality goes. (What all this 
 >means in regard to melatonin's putative anti-aging properties is an open 
 >question). If I try to use melatonin every night, my sleep tends to be 
 >fitful. The same thing happens if I double the dosage. 
 Every other night and it works OK, double the dosage and it doesn't.
 Then the logical thing to try would be *halving* the dosage, but
 taking it every night.
 -Kevin Goldstein
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 >Steve Farmer