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UFO Article (fwd)

Thanks very much for the help you've been providing Joe and me as I've
been researching my article for the American Reporter.  I have some
questions I need answered, as I approach the writing phase of this

I'll probably have two rounds of questions. This is the first round. 
Please feel free to post this list so I can get feedback. And many thanks

1. Do you know of any group that denies that intelligent life exists
beyond earth? 

2. Do you have an update on the recent Puerto Rican incident? Any 
clarification of the first reports? 

3. Dr. Greer from CSETI recently reported that the Harvard Observatory 
received confirmed non-terrestrial patterned radio signals. Anyone know 
about this? (Folks at Dr. Drake's SETI Institute deny the reception of such 
radio signals to this date.)

4. Jacques Vallee believes thee MJ12 papers are a hoax; Stanton Friedman 
believes they are authentic. Has anyone considered what might be a test 
to settle this issue?

5. What is the status in the UFO community of Erich von Daeniken and 
Zecharia Sitchin?

6. Not much is written about the "Men in Black" in the USA. Is this true?

7. Has George Adamski been totally discredited? Any follow up to his 
story about communitating with Venutians?

8. Every five years since 1945 there seem to be reports that "U.S. 
Government is about the reveal the real story" about UFO. This has never 
materialized (so far). Has anyone done a study about how these rumors 
originate? Where to they first pop up?

9. Has there ever been an official government study of UFOs after the 
close-down of Project Blue Book or the Condon Report?

10. It has been reported that UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar was 
abducted in a covert operation and told to keep the UN out of the UFO 
issue. Any way to verify this? Has anyone done any work on it?

Thanks, Francisco! I'll have more questions later. These seem to be a 
good start.

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