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'Flying Saucers Invade Europe' (fwd)

It is not my intention to keep on posting these long e-mails, on the
contrary, but I just could not resist "Flying Saucers Invade Europe", a
1954 UFO article found during one of my many wanderings on HotBot (superb
search engine run by the magazine "Wired"). There are many highlights, but
the main reasons were the quotations from and comments on a later totally
forgotten 1948 report from the US State Department, which establishes that
UFOs are real and controlled by intelligent beings. 

"Flying Saucers Invade Europe" is based on an extensive compilation of
rare and fascinating newspaper stories, and can be found on
http://www.esper.com/RareBird/eur-ufo.htm (15548 bytes, 17Jan97). It first
appeared "during the European flap of 1950-54 and was printed at the peak
of the sightings in a small English language magazine published by Charles
Harnett at Kaiserslautern, Germany." 
There are many gems that will be unknown to a lot of, yes, I dare say all
of UFO UpDates readers, though many are well-known experts, so do enjoy! 

I'll bring you the entire compilation in a short while, but here are a few
excerpts, so you can see what I mean. 

The first is quite sensational, as mentioned, and confirms by quoting an
at least nowadays unknown report which originated in the highest layers of
US Government that UFOs are real, "controlled in an intelligent manner and
 ... either piloted or radio-controlled". This secret and probably totally
forgotten document was delivered from the U. S. State Department to the
Joint Chiefs of Staff on April 28, 1948, but do tell if any of you have
heard of it! The article says: 
"Are flying saucers interplanetary spaceships or missiles from Russia or
the United States, if they exist at all? Though some "experts" claim they
are piloted by 40-inch tall creatures, others say there is evidence to
show that they are supersecret craft of ultra-modern design produced by
the Soviet government and used principally for observation. The German
illustrated magazine Frankfurter Illustrierte carried a series of articles
to advance this theory. It contained the kind of detail that caused many
official eyebrows to raise. 

It told of a secret report delivered on April 28, 1948 from the U. S.
State Department to the Joint Chiefs of Staff which stated in part: 

"From time to time, some saucer-like projectiles have displayed movements
that indicate they are controlled in an intelligent manner and are either
piloted or radio-controlled. The acceleration of these objects is higher
than present normal limits. They are noiseless. With the aid of special

[396 lines left ... full text available at <url:http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/go?choice=message&table=05_1997&mid=1128034&hilit=UFO> ]

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