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::: The Oberg Files ::: (fwd)

::: The Oberg Files :::

(c) 1997 by Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D. (Agent BlueBird)

In regards to Jim Oberg's startlingly revealing (yet utterly ignored!)
usenet posting of last week: - - - - - Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: OTHER gov't UFO secrets From: jamesoberg@aol.com (JamesOberg)
Date: 26 Apr 1997 14:15:43 GMT

Open letter to CSETI:

I applaud CSETI's efforts to strip away the "government secrets
prosecution" barrier to the disclosure of people's stories about UFO
experiences and I fully support the call for a government declaration that
all legal constraints against disclosure be dissolved.  I've always felt
that claims of fear of such prosecution as an excuse by people not to "go
public" was often merely a gimmick not to have to take responsibility for
the authenticity of such stories, since as far as I've been able to tell
 -- and through OMNI's "Project Open Book" we searched far and wide for
examples -- nobody has ever been arrested or charged -- much less
convicted and sentenced -- for actually doing so. 

But don't stop merely with legalizing disclosure of all -- if any --
government secrets about "real UFOs".  I believe there is a far more
valuable body of "secrets" that will help understand the decades of UFO
phenomena that the world has experienced.  This deals with
government-related activities which directly or indirectly led to public
perceptions that UFOs might be real when they weren't.  Sometimes these
actions were carefully orchestrated in advance, sometimes they were
localized impromptu ad hoc damage- limitation tactics.  But from my own
experience, they seem to have played a tremendous and widely unappreciated
role in inciting and enflaming public interests in UFOs while deflecting
public attention from real highly-classified government activities. 

I'm referring to situations where government representatives -- officials,
military officers, any employees -- used "UFO" as a convenient camouflage
for other official classified activities (such as retrieval of crashed
aircraft or nuclear weapons or other objects), or used artificial "UFO
stories" (in oral, written, photographic, film, etc.) form as "tracers" in
studying the function of security safeguards and personnel psychological
responses, or used "UFO" as an excuse (either intended or accidental) to
cover-up improper, forbidden, or diplomatically delicate activities (such
as aviation incidents involving dangerous accidental or deliberate close
passes or intercepts of civilian airliners, or overseas excursions of
agents on intelligence missions where deflection of local perceptions was

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