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ET encounter at EL Yunque Peak, Puerto Rico. . . (fwd)

Dear Colonel,

I have a very dear friend in Puerto Rico, with a few experiences
behind him. i thought you would be interested in seeing his
reports. i will also forward you the two other experiences he
talks about.

Yours truly,

 -yechiel Mann,
Israeli Director of Skywatch International.

 ---------------Original Message---------------
Hello Yechiel,

You may distribute this as you please.  But keep my email address to
yourself.  Enjoy. (Maria has collaborated all facts herein).

Your Friend and Brother,

ET Encounter in Puerto Rico

by Jerry D Fitz, Engineer for Cable TV Company of Greater San Juan

The following event took place here in Puerto Rico about eight or nine
years ago (1988 or 1989).  It was about one year before Hurricane Hugo
passed over the Island and caused heavy damage.  It was a Friday
afternoon and Maria, my wife, Sam James, the (then) engineer for TV
station WBBM St Thomas ch 10, and I had gone to El Yunque peak to repair
a defective fm microwave antenna Ch 10 used at that time to relay
channel 10 from El Yunque peak to our cable TV headed (TV processing
center for Cable TV Company of Greater San Juan).   The three of us had
driven up to the antenna site in my car, a gray Honda.  Sam had flown
over from St Thomas that day to repair the transmitter.  I was to assist
Sam as the channel was off the air in our cable TV system, and we were
anxious to restore it to our customers.  

El Yunque is a 3,400 foot mountain in the middle of the United States
Caribbean National Rain Forest.  It is the only rain forest in the US
Forest System.  It rains over 300 inches a year there.  It is a jungle
paradise, complete with giant tree ferns and even parrots.  (It is about
18 air miles from our house and is easily visible from the front of our
home in San Juan.)  Many UFO and reports of alien sightings have been

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