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Roswell's UFO Party Wobbles (fwd)

Found this on the site of Albuquerque Journal:=20

Date of publication:Thursday, 17-Apr-97 10:18:48 MDT=20

Roswell's UFO Party Wobbles

Cult Spooks Sponsors From Festival's Concert, Television Bash

By Leslie Linthicum
Journal Staff Writer

   The Heaven's Gate cult mass suicide apparently has claimed another
victim: An all-night rock concert and two-hour television special
planned for the 50th anniversary celebration of the purported UFO crash
in Roswell has fizzled, in part because potential sponsors were scared
away by the deaths near San Diego last month.   =20

The 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide to shed
their "human containers" and climb aboard an alien spacecraft they
believed to be trailing the comet Hale-Bopp.   =20

Heaven's Gate had no known link to Roswell or any of the events planned
there this summer to commemorate the 1947 crash of an alleged flying
saucer outside of Roswell, but it apparently spooked potential
advertisers.    "What we heard last week is that the companies are
running scared because they don't want to be connected in any way,
shape or form with the tragedy in San Diego," said Deon Crosby,
director of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in
Roswell.   =20

She said local organizers now are working on their own to find sponsors
and acts for a scaled-down concert while the rest of the six-day
festival is still a go.

"It appears we were New Yorked to death," said Stan Crosby, Deon
Crosby's husband and chairman of the Roswell UFO Encounters Committee,
a team of volunteers putting on the festival.   =20

The concert was being promoted by Track Marketing, a New York company.
No one from the company returned calls Wednesday, and Stan Crosby said
he has not heard from anyone at Track Marketing since the firm faxed
him a letter releasing the UFO Encounters Committee from an exclusive
sponsorship provision in their contract. That release allows the
committee to seek local sponsors. Lee Heiman, a Track Marketing
employee, told U.S. News & World Report magazine last month that the

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