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Use roswell.net to unite global UFO community (fwd)

Happy Anniversary and Welcome from the place where serious UFO study by
the public was spawned. This is Roswell New Mexico's 50th anniversary of
the Roswell Incident, and there are hundreds of thousands of UFO
researchers, sighters, and other space oriented officianado's scheduled to
be here for the conferences and subsequent celibration. 

In an effort to further make our UFO community stronger, we have opened up
a mail site where each users address will have the appropriate
"roswell.net" domain. What better way to announce, "I know they exist"
than to have your address be at the one and only roswell.net? 

What better way to say to those other brave folks who daily tell their
stories to unbelieving government officials and correspondents that you
stand together with them in their knowledge? What better way to promote
active solidarity in the UFO community than to be members of roswell.net? 

By now you are saying? I think it's great, but just what does it cost? $24
(plus tax) a year is the answer. That's right, this is no "cash in on the
name" scam where prices are premium, but a true effort to congregate our
brothers and sisters in belief. For the price of a MacDonald's happy meal
each month, you can be part of the quickly growing numbers who are not
afraid to say "I have seen it and am not afraid to say it"! We all can
support our fellow sighters and abductees by participating not only in
having the roswell.net e-mail address, but also in formal collaberation
via on-line conferencing, news reports, chats and more on the
www.roswell.net site. As a roswell.net user, you can help us design this
site to best serve information in a manner specific to our needs as
researchers and investigators. Never again will we accept some government
sponsored pre-packaged information site. We will make it what we need it
to be, to better deal with disseminating the quickly growing amounts of
sighting information and testimonials. 

So how do you get your e-mail account?

In one of two simple ways using one of two methods.

1. On-line Credit card registration.

In windows 3.1 or on the Mac, us your telnet client to log on to
roswell.net and at the prompt type in ros-reg as the user. Then select
the "Credit Card" option. It will register you, take your MC or Visa
info, and you will have an account immediately. 



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