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Changes 2/6 by Red WolfNEW Changes 2/6 by Red Wolf

Changes 2/6

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Jordan hadn't spoken since Seagha/n had delivered his message 
from Section 10.  He had led her to back her apartment by the 
hand like a lost child and was starting to get worried.  He 
knew that she wasn't in a state of shock -- shocked yes, but 
not 'in shock' -- it was more a state of withdrawal, lost in 
her own thoughts.  Considering how well he knew her, he had an 
idea of what direction those thoughts were heading.

She could almost see the minds behind this request.  Section 10 
wouldn't have wanted her involved, this was Family business.

The 'Family' had originated millennia ago.  A cabal within a 
race that predated human civilisation, whose purpose was the 
protection of the Family.  You didn't join the 'Family', you 
were born into it and even that didn't guarantee you knowledge 
of the intrigues that protected all Family members.  Even the 
individual clan councils didn't have specific knowledge of 
'Family' business.  Their secrecy was absolute to the point of 
not even having a name.

They had members in every form of intelligence agency on the 
face of the planet -- and a few others besides.  They were so 

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