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Deity 1/? by multipleDEITY - 1/? - O'BRIEN/FELDMAN

Hi, all! Well, this is my first post here, so be kind - please!
	As we all know, neither Mulder nor Scully nor any other thing
to the X-Files belongs to me, but Catherine O'Rourke and Marissa Fine
*are* mine,
and Stephanie's as is the place this story takes place and - I like to
think - 
the plot. :-)
	Ummm. . . it should be noted this story was co-authored by Bridget
and Stephanie Feldman.

Historian's Note: this takes place some time in the early times of the
show - 
any time you care to think before Melissa Scully's death

TITLE: Deity
AUTHOR: Bridget O'Brien / Stephanie Feldman
EMAIL ADDRESS: eithne@erols.com (Bridget)
RATING: PG-13, more than anything - violence and language at times, I
CLASSIFICATION: X, I do believe, although I'm not certain. . . :-)
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate a series of odd deaths in Oregon,
meeting two channelers - Catherine O'Rourke and Marissa Fine. Catherine 
appears to be possessed by some ancient Deity, planning to get to Scully
through her.

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