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Re: Back to a 20% lead

 <crossposts removed> (Jim Kennemur) wrote:
 >On Thu, 27 Jun 1996 00:13:19 -0400, KAGE <> wrote:
 >>Voodoo dolls for sale!
 >>Get your Linda Smith and Bob Dole Voodoo dolls here, complete with
 >>pins and instructions where to insert them to cause them to get 
 >>cancer . . . 
 >>Sales booth at the Washington State Democratic Party Convention.
 >I'll say this for conservatives. Not only are they not very smart but
 >they aren't very original either.
 You think you invented mud-slinging?  It's been going on in this
 country for over 150 years.  The Democrats hands are far from clean on
 this, from the "Little girl with the daisy" ad in 1964 to the
 "starving the children, poisoning the air and water, throwing the sick
 old folks out in the street" scare tactics of today.
 You can find examples of outrageous intolerance and poor taste in both
 parties, and both extremes of left and right.  Your constant
 stereotyping of those whose politics differs from yours does not
 reflect well on you.
 >But they must do something to avoid thinking about the ass kicking
 >they are about to recieve come November.
 Dream on.
 Joe Long