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 	Of course you don't get it, John. You're not gay so you COULDNT 
 understand what it's like having people hate you for no other reason but 
 your sexuality. We're just talking "amongst ourselves" to share 
 experiences and generally find more in common. If you're not interested 
 in reading it, DON'T and leave us to our own. Higgles and vinaigrette 
 raisin smaes.
 :) Erik
 Norfolk VA, USA
 "I need some voodoo on these prunes"  -- Tori Amos
 "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."  -- Pinhead in 
 "just when I thought that I'd discovered the joy of loving one so 
 	completely, that lonely sinking feeling creeps up on me"
 	-- Cowboy Junkies
 On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, John Reifler wrote:
 > Who the hell cares if you are gay or straight when it comes to liking 
 > a musician... I am heterosexual and I think it is a waste of time to 
 > write stuff about... being gay and liking tori... WHAT IS THE POINT.