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Re: test

 	Sigh. If only I could see pictures with my net access. Here, at 
 ODU we can access the internet, but we get only words. Sigh, life still 
 sucks because my relationship is pretty much over, I have no money, I 
 cant work right now because my bosses are out of town, and I cant think 
 of anything to do, and all my friends are not "here". Blech. Happy rmta.
 	Don't worry, Dan. I don't take it as trivialisation.
 :) Erik
 Norfolk VA, USA
 "I need some voodoo on these prunes"  -- Tori Amos
 "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."  -- Pinhead in 
 "just when I thought that I'd discovered the joy of loving one so 
 	completely, that lonely sinking feeling creeps up on me"
 	-- Cowboy Junkies
 On 29 Jun 1996, Le Revenant wrote:
 > Actually, I find that admiring the male form makes me feel better and 
 > makes it seem as though life *doesn't* suck.  Go to my homepage, Erik.  
 > Look under "gay sex."  Life will suck no more.  ;)
 > Dan, who doesn't mean to trivialize if life really does suck for you 
 > right now.