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 1.please when ordering cards please tell me color name of card and expansion card came from as i am not
  a player.
 1.1 bidding is under a going,going,going,gone system  (!!!gone)
 1.2 this is posted in auction because if you see a card we will accept
 bid,s prices posted are buyout, we will reject any bids that are obviously out of line
 2. if i assign a lot number that means i have pilled card from our inventory and will not sell it to any one else. 
 2.2 minimum raise of bid is $0.25 to much paper work
 3.because of the huge volume of email i get some times i do not respond immediatly.
 3.1 if you make a bid and want updates i will not be able to remove your name untill auction is over
 4. all orders are plus exact shipping except in the case of singles
 cards , then if you enclose a sase there will be no shipping charge.
 5. we gladly welcome orders from all foreign countries and are familiar with shipping techniques to get your
  product to you.
 6. we take all forms of payment, credit cards personal check with a 
 waiting period of 10 days for check to clesr, m.o. or will ship c.o.d. 
 prefer not to take cash but it seems to work well for those that prefer it.
 7. we can provide many references and also advice to anyone on how not to get burned on the internet, or what
  to do if you do get burned. 
 there are laws.
 cathedral of serra x 3   1.75  1.00x2 fjjunge !!!                                        
 adventurers guildhouse     $0.75 0.50 fjjunge !!! 
 SEAFARER'S QUAY  X  7    $2.25   1.25 fjjunge !!!                                 
 UNHOLY CITADEL X 2  $2.25   1.25x2 fjjunge !!!
 unholy citadel x1   2.25   1.25 fjjunge !!!
 BLACK MANA BATTERY           $3.50  2.75 ramjr
 BLUE MANA BATTERY        $3.50   2.75 ramjr
 GAUNTLETS OF CHAOS         7.00    4.00 ramjr
 GREEN MANA BATTERY   3.75 2.25x11 ramjr !!!
 green mana battery x1    3.75 2.50x1 martyjulie!!
 KRY SHIELD  X 4     $2.50   1.25fjjunge !!!
 KRY SHIELD 2.50       1.25 ramjr
 LIFE CHISEL           $3.00 buyout simon !!!
 LIFE CHISEL         3.00 buyout ramjr
 RED MANA BATTERY     $4.00 $2.75 ramjr
 SENTINEL       $6.00 4.00 ramjr
 TRIASSIC EGG x 2            7.00  $4.00 ramjr !!!
 VOODOO DOLL               5.75 buyout mliz 
 WHITE MANA BATTERY  4.75 2.75 ramjr
 ARCADES SABBATH      $15.00 $9.00 ramjr
 AYESHA TANAKA X 2      6.00 $3.00 ramjr
 BARKTOOTH WARBEARD    . $3.50  $1.75x1 fjjunge !!!
 BARKTOOTH WARBEARD X 4   3.50 1.75x4 liana!!
 CHROMIUM                 $13.00 $9.50 liana !!
 DAKKON BLACKBLADE   $12.00 $8.75 liana!!
 GABRIEL ANGELFIRE        $8.00  $5.50 ramjr
 HUNDING GJORNERSEN X 3    $3.50   3.25x3 liana!!
 JASMINE BOREAL  X 5  $4.50 2.25x5 ramjr !!!
 jasmine boreal x 4        4.50  2.50x4 liana!!
 jasmine boreal x2         4.50  2.50x4 dlewis
 KEI TAKAHASHI            $5.00  2.50 ramjr
 LADY ORCA  X 7      $3.50 2.25 ramjrx8  !!!
 LORD MAGNUS           3.50  2.25x14 ramjr !!!
 MARHAULT ELSDRAGON X 10   $3.00 1.00 ramjr !!!
 NEBUCHADNEZZAR      9.00 $5.50 ramjr