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Re: Voodoo

 In article <>,
 Bryan J. Maloney <> wrote:
 >In article <4qqv18$>,
 > (rosalyn rice) wrote:
 >>         It kind of makes me wish there were some left-wing paramilitary
 >> conspiracies out there. What ever happened to the FALN, the Weather
 >> Underground, and the Symbionese Liberation Army? (Who the hell *were* the
 >> Symbionese and why did they need liberated?)
 >The Weather is now selling stories to the highest bidders.  The SLA were
 >just a gang of thieves, never really left-wing at all.  FALN got old and
 >paunchy, en masse.  However, Indianapolis does have a "Black Panther
 >Militia", but they act more like a real militia is supposed to, not the
 >modern groups that have stolen the term "militia".
 	That was a *JOKE*, son! A *JOKE*!
 	It's a sad day when people on the net can't detect sarcasm unless 
 it's got an emoticon attached to it.
 	BTW, as far as I can tell, the Black Panther Militia is a legal 
 citizens action group with a very few members. It doesn't do much and 
 only got media attention when its leader was convicted for making 
 threatening statements to the judge who was trying the BPM leader's son 
 for murder. I didn't see that as a conspiracy so much as a hot-headed 
 statement from a father trying to protect his son. (The actual threat was 
 along the lines of "You sentence my son to death, and I'll kill you.")
 	Thomas Barnes