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Re: DESCRIBE your first HUFFY bike... :> :> :>

 My first and only Huffy was a mid-70's ThunderRoad, the one all the
 commercials showed being ridden offroad, but the stickers on the seat
 tube told you not to.
 Anyways, Christmas morning, I got up and ran down the the fireplace to
 get my stocking.  I went right around the bike and dug into the candy
 and treasures, not seeing the bike at all, which was planted squarely
 in front of the fireplace.
 I eventually broke most of the parts on the bike through riding
 off-road (against the sticker's warnings), replacing them with top bmx
 parts, until I had a great bmx bike, except the frame, which I never
 did collect the 200 - 300 bucks to get my desired frame.
 Despite all the money and time I put into the bike, I donated it to a
 needy family with several kids.  I think they are putting it to much
 better use than I would, as I have a GT and a Balance, and am waiting
 on the arrival of my new VooDoo.
 Houston, TX