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Re: Galaxy Class vs. ISD (again)

 Kidd221432 wrote:
 Hyperspace vs. Warp
 > * Gravity curves space, so what looks like a straight line to you (from
 > two points) is actually curved.  Hyperspace is moving in an actual
 > straight line, not on the curve.
 	Gotta disagre...  Why is hyperspace a straight line?  I was 
 under the impression that hyperspace ( meaning above space ) was another 
 dimension, possibly the fifth dimension.  If it does take place 
 within the fifth dimesion, then two objects can occupy the same space 
 and time.  I would need some clarification on where your straight line 
 theory came from.
  The more warping is done, the faster the ship goes; ergo,
 > Galaxy class is faster than the ISD (can warp a LOT, whereas the ISD has a
 > set speed in hyperspace).
 	OK, let's keep speeds relative here.  We need to compare warp to 
 hyperspace and impulse to cruising speed.  Is the Ent faster at impulse 
 than the ISD is at cruising velocities?  In Zahn's Heir to the Empire, 
 chapter four opens with : "It took the Chimaera nearly five days at its 
 Point Four cruising speed to cover the 350 light-years between Myrkr and 
 Wayland."  How long would it take Ent at Warp X to cover this distance ?
 > * OTHER: A galaxy-class ship could not track an ISD through hyperspace,
 > but then, an ISD's sensors can't work FTL, so it couldn't track the
 > Enterprise as it warped around.  Also, an interdictor couldn't prevent the
 > Enterprise from going FTL.
 >	Granted on FTL detection for now.  As for the interdictor's 
 gravity generators, is it possible in ST to go FTL within a gravity well 
 ( near a planet, dense body, etc )?
 > 2. Weaponry
 > * Lasers are lasers.  I don't really know all that much about them, period
 > :).
 > * Phasers are "phased" particle beams (I think the particles move at
 > lightspeed or something).
 > OTHER:  Which is more powerful?  Who knows?  Well, since the Enterprise is
 > powered by matter/antimatter reactions, maybe it can manage a higher
 > energy output. . .?  ISDs are powered by fusion reactors (I think).
 	ISD uses a solar ionization reactor ( the bottom bubble on a ISD 
 is part of the generator.).  Whether this is fusion or not ( I think it 
 is) is hard to tell.  Ent's phaser probably IS more powerful, because in 
 ST combat is fought between capital ships.  Since capitals are so large, 
 it make sense for there to be fewer, but more powerful weapons.  In SW, 
 combat is mixed, however, turbolasers are used strictly for ship combat. 
  For repelling snubs, you use smaller blasters or other fighter craft.  
 I think its important to remember that George was sly in calling them 
 TURBOlasers... We know what a laser can do... What can a Turbolaser do, 
 though ( and how does it compare to phasers) ?
 	Which brings us full circle again to ' which is more powerful. '
 > * Because both use matter/antimatter charges, Proton torpedo = photon
 > torpedo.
 	Fair enough.
 > 3. Smaller craft
 > * In one episode where the Enterprise crew (TNG) was brainwashed and sent
 > to blow up some or another space station, we saw what happened to sublight
 > fighter-class ships.  NO CONTEST! :)
 	Yeah, but there were only three (?) of them and they were drones 
 launched by the station.  Inconclusive to me...
 Comments?  Flames?   Voodoo curses on my dog?