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Re: Melin Beta R U N S So S L O O Score: 100

 In <>, "William Weiss, III" <> writes:
 >Installed my Beta with no problems (what the @#$%^&!!???) and it runs 
 >fine (Holy %%$#@!!!...) But-
 >It is so frigging slow I am groing a beard waitng to open a drive folder 
 >to see the frigging contents!!!
 >It is glacial on my machine whic normally zips WFWG 3.11 and Warp 3.0...
 >Anyone found a config.sys line that puts this puppy into warp mode?
 >Is ther some voodoo debug code running when the beta is running?
 >What the frigging frigis going on???  <whew>
 I haven't seen it yet, but people are saying to disable the Warp
 guide or something like that ?
 Team OS/2 N.S.