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Hooking the desktop? (or otherwise overriding background redraws?)

 I know all the reasons why the desktop is not supposed to be able to be
 hooked (security, stability, blah, blah, blah...), but I would like to
 have a way to render the desktop background of my choice. This would not
 necessarily merely be a pattern or wallpaper picture, but rather I would
 like to take over the rendering myself.
 In essence, I suppose I would like to have an "owner-draw" desktop
 Has anyone got any idea on how I might be able to achieve this in Win32?
 Can I somehow subclass the desktop window and override the background
 redraw there? Is there any hidden voodoo magic to hook the desktop?
 Any discussion of the topic is welcome, I'm interested in exploring it. I
 already have my program changing the desktop wallpaper with
 SystemParameterInfo, but I would like a more efficient and economical way
 to refresh only parts of the background if possible.
 Rick Ross