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Re: test

 	Yes, Maggie, I whole heartedly agree, especially without the 
 shirt....... Sigh. Life sucks.
 :) Erik
 Norfolk VA, USA
 "I need some voodoo on these prunes"  -- Tori Amos
 "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."  -- Pinhead in 
 "just when I thought that I'd discovered the joy of loving one so 
 	completely, that lonely sinking feeling creeps up on me"
 	-- Cowboy Junkies
 On 28 Jun 1996, Sebastian5 wrote:
 > Am I alone on this, or is a man in a white tshirt and boxers just THE
 > sexiest thing around? Have I lost my mind? It's just subtlely sexy. My 2
 > cents.