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Voodoo Child

 Herschel A Gelman writes:
 |Just noticed that June 1994 contains the Voodoo Chile week for Phish,
 |It starts Monday, where just before the encore on 6/13/94 Trey plays the
 |opening line twice...
 |It's in the Harpua on 6/17  (Jimmy's listening to Jimi)...
 |And then it's at the end of the Bowie on Saturday, the 18th...
 |Just thought I'd mention that.  Has it appeared in any other places...?
 Yes, it has.  Check out the Possum from 7-1-94 in Philly.  Toward the
 beginning of the jam segment there are a couple of bars of Voodoo Child
 (Slight Return).