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FS: 200+ 12"remixes - Techno, House, Rave, Breakbeat, etc...

 12" Vinyl Auction.  + 20 new titles     Extension of Auction Deadline
 $4 Minimum Bid.  Bids will be taken through 6/29 - Midnight. 
 Send offers for each item you're interested in via e-mail to  or 
 If you do not receive a confirmation that a bid was received, please re-send. Status updates will be sent periodically to auction participants.
 Or visit Web Site at
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 Artist-Title-Label-Origin-High Bid
 <LI>-*new*-A Split Second-Mambe Witch-Wax Trax-dom
 <LI>-*new*-BOP Brothers of Peace-Music Please/Come on Move w.Beat-Big Beat promo-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Boys don't Cry-I wanna be a Cowboy-Profile-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Burning Sensations-Belly of Whale ep-emi-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Digital Orgasm-Star Toucher-Trance Mission-uk
 <LI>-*new*-Front 242-Never Stop!-wax trax-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Fuzzbox-We've got a Fuzzbox-Geffen lp-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Hi Power-Cult of Snap-Next Plateau-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Human League-the Lebanon-Virgin-uk
 <LI>-*new*-Kris Kross-Jump-Columbia-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Laid Back-White Horse 89-Sire -uk
 <LI>-*new*-Milli Vanilli-Baby Don't Forget my #-Arista -dom
 <LI>-*new*-Ministry-Twitch-Sire -dom
 <LI>-*new*-Paul Hardcastle-19-Chrysalis-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Public Image Ltd-Seattle / Body-Virgin-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Love Missle F1-emi-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Massive Retaliation-emi-dom
 <LI>-*new*-Sunscreem-When (K-Klass mixes)-promo-uk
 <LI>-*new*-The Cure-Why can't I be you-elektra-dom
 <LI>-*new*-The Cure-Fascination Street-elektra-dom
 <LI>-2 in a Room-Do What you Want\Take Me Away-Cutting-dom-6
 <LI>-2 Men from Jersey-Bushes House-Bass Boy-dom-
 <LI>-4 to the Bar-Slam Me Baby  \  Sureshot rmxs-Going all out-dom-
 <LI>-49'ers-Girl to Girl-Island-Euro-
 <LI>-808 State\ Jon Hassel-Voiceprint promo-Warner Bros.-dom-
 <LI>-808 State\ MC Tunes-The only Rhyme that bites-ZTT-Euro-6
 <LI>-A Guy Called Gerald-Automanikk  \ Bass Overload Mix-CBS-Holland-7
 <LI>-A Guy Called Gerald-Automanikk\Voodoo Ray Amer. \ promo-Columbia-dom-7
 <LI>-A Split Second-The Parallax View  \ Garcia Mixes-caroline-dom-
 <LI>-Absurd-Pure Tribal-Boy-Euro-
 <LI>-Acen-Window in the Sky-Production-Euro-15
 <LI>-Adam X-Into the Void EP-Fabulous-Euro-6
 <LI>-Adamski \ Seal-Killer  \ Remix-MCA -Euro-5
 <LI>-Adrenalin-Lucy in the Sky-Cyclops Rol-Euro-7
 <LI>-African Juice, the-Congo Bongo-Pirate-Euro-
 <LI>-Agent Orange-Sounds a bit Flakey-Agent Orange-Euro-
 <LI>-Andromeda-The Gazza-Sonic-dom-
 <LI>-Anon-Beep Beep-Nucleus-Euro-6
 <LI>-Ascendance \ Housebound-Rave Style\Electro Rhythms-Rampant-dom-
 <LI>-Audio Illusion-The Energy EP \ Scientist remix \ promo-Boogie Beat-Euro-
 <LI>-Babylon Timewarp-Durban Poison  \ Intense remix-Intense-Euro-
 <LI>-Bass Ballistics-White Label EP-White-Euro-10
 <LI>-Bastard Sons of Nairobi, the-Techno Makoosa-Area Code-dom-
 <LI>-Beatnigs, the-Television (on \ u sound mix)-Virus-dom-
 <LI>-Big Pig-Hungry Town-A&M-dom-
 <LI>-Bizzy B-The Science EP-White House-Euro-10
 <LI>-Black Box-Bright on Time-DiscoMagic-Italy-6
 <LI>-Black Widow-The Kiss of Death-Death-dom-8
 <LI>-Blame-Psychological (white label)-Moving Shadow -Euro-10
 <LI>-Bone Masters-Don't make me Wait \Party Time(green vinyl)-Dynomite Beat-Euro-7
 <LI>-Book of Love-Boy-Sire -dom-