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 Lucky Locke ( wrote:
 : Personally I prefer "The Downward Spiral" to "Machine Age Voodoo".
 : And I think every single NIN release beats that one in industrial content.
 : (No, I'm not saying that NIN is a good example of industrial music.)
 HEY!!!!  I won't stand for disrespect of _Machine Age Voodoo_.  "Junk 
 Funk", "Seduction", "Metal Dance", I don't believe people dis this 
 album.  New-wavish industrial.  It was a nifty idea at the time!!
 I will, in fact, become the eternal slave of whomever puts this on CD.  
 Someone should slap Graeme around, tell him to lighten up, and lock him 
 in his pool shed until he decides to do so.  Punk.
 "We were crying when we made it, it was so intense.  I didn't know if I 
 even wanted to put it on the album.  But there we were, and there it was, 
 and girls were taking their clothes off to it."
 				--Trent "Deep Thoughts" Reznor, on hearing
 				  "Hurt" in a strip bar.	
 Francis X. Connor     Career English Major    George Washington University