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 Steve's Magic Cards Auction UPDATE 6/27/96 19:00 PM PST
 All cards are in M/NM or Great condition. If you want to place and bid and 
 are curious about the cards condition just email me.  Card listing is in 
 the order of: name, quantity and edition. Edition codes are: A= 
 Antiquities, D=Dark, FE=Fallen Emprie, HL=Home Lands, IA= Ice Age. If a 
 card is unmarked it is either 3rd Edition, 4th Edition Revised, or 
 Chronicles. Mail card offers and other questions to and I will try to answer any questions you 
 Here are the auction rules.
 1. 0.25 is the minimum bid for a card.
 2. I've decided that since the card list is so long that I will not 
 have one closing date for the auction. What I will do is if your bid
 stands for 7 days and you are not over bid then the card is yours. I will 
 end the auction when enough cards have been purchased, but I will give 
 some advance notice of its ending date.
 3.  I will update this list daily so people will know if they have been 
 out bid or not.
 4.  All bids must be in US funds, and payment once the auction ends must 
 be in US funds. Payment should be either a check or money order.  
 Shipping will be $1.00 within in the US and $2.00 anywhere else.
 5.  Bids must be rounded to the nearest 0.25, the same goes for over 
 bidding on a card.
 6. I reserve the right to pull any cards out of the auction, but I will 
 notify any persons who may have bids on that card.
 	That should do it. Thanks for reading this and have fun.
 -Steven Cole
 email address: 
               Dwarven Ruins,  (2) FE
               Ebon Stronghold,  (3) FE
               Havenwood Battleground,  (1) FE
               Svyelunite Temple,  (1) FE
               Aladdin's Ring,  (1)
               Arcum's Sleigh,  (1) IA
               Arena of the Ancients,  (1)
               Ashnod's Transmogrant, (1)
               Balm of Restoration,  (2) FE
               Baton of Morale,  (1) IA
               Clockwork Gnomes,  (3) HL
               Clockwork Swarm, (1) HL
               Coral Helm,  (1)
               Dancing Scimitar,  (1)
               Delif's Cone,  (3) FE
               Delif's Cube,  (2) FE
               Diabolic Machine,  (1)
               Elven Lyre,  (1) FE
               Feldon's Cane,  (2)
               Flying Carpet,  (1)
               Fountain of Youth ,  (1)
               Gauntlets of Chaos,  (1)  1.00 strickland
               Kormus Bell, (1)
               Malachite Talisman,  (1) IA
               Meekstone,  (1)
               Onulet,  (1)
               Onyx Talisman,  (1) IA
               Roterothopter,  (1) HL
               Runesword,  (1)
               Skull Catapult,  (1) IA