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Re: 3D Cards--3d Blaster?

 In article <01bb6484.234e1100$>, "Frank Lachance"
 <> wrote:
 > market aren't aware that much about hardware.. They don't know that
 > SoundBlaster is a "standard" they will thing that there little GUS is very
 > good (ok.. I really know my sound hardware and DSPs so say what you want
 > well-known PC Gaming cos are firmily going to support the Vrit chipset,
 > Diamond, Fujitsu and other cos have this chipset on their board.. What can
 > you do? Vrit has CL, #9 and Fujitsu. Voodoo got Fujitsu (again.. :P) and
 > Orchid.  Orchid... not a big name..  S3 got the biggest names, Vrit