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Re: 3D Cards--3d Blaster?

 On Sat, 29 Jun 1996 03:42:43 GMT,
 (Elvis P.) wrote:
 >If 3dfx has no 3d and dos acceleration that compares to today's mainstream
 >performers, 3dfx with it's high price tag, won't do too well...
 >300 dollars for a 3d chip only, that's the price of a nintendo 64 and a 
 A hard drive large enough to accomodate the average users needs costs
 about the same as an U64.  Consoles are irrelevant, people have been
 spending close to $300 for good 2D accelerators for years regardless.
 A lot of components in a PC cost more than an U64, if I want an U64
 and all the limitations that a cartridge-based console machine brings,
 I'll buy one.
 And no card has DOS "accceleration".  Some cards are just faster than
 others in DOS, there is no hardware acceleration involved.  And no
 "3D" acceleration? Uh, that's the point of it, it's one of the best
 performing 3D chipset on the market, if not the best.  If you mean it
 won't have native support for DOS games, then you're wrong there as
 well- the Voodoo has the largest library of developers coding directly
 to it.