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3W- BG

Method:  Cold Turkey, Relaxation, Self Hypnosis
Habit:  20-30 smokes a day
Quit Day:  April 27, 1997

Well its been three weeks.  I think I am slowly becoming a non-smoker.  My
first week milestones, I literally could not wait to post, but for week
three, I did not realize this mini milestone until lunchtime.  Cravings
still present, although very rarely are they bad, and now they go away
quicker.  Pretty interesting, I still take 'smoke breaks' at work, and go
to the outdoor picnic table every few hours and enjoy the outdoors (course
I don't smoke).  A few of the smokers who I use to gab with, pretty much
won't associate me anymore.  Oh well heck with them.  

I tend to wake up now with a dry throat and sore lungs though not quite as
sore as during days of heavy smoking.  Morning hacking sessions are
virtually gone, which is great.  Cough ups of mucus is now rare (once a
day).   I have noticed that I am little calmer these days and more
relaxed.  Doctors said I would notice this, as I am no longer pumping my
body with 20-30 short term harmful stimulates.  I can really smell the
smoke on smokers now.  Gosh did I really stink that bad?  Oh well things
are going pretty good.

When quitting, one of the great things is not stressing about how to sneak
a smoke during social or in-door events particulary going with
non-smokers.  It feels so great not to have to excuse myself and go blow a
cancer stick.

The stats:
0Y  0M  3W  0D  8H  27Mns  $-Saved to date: $58.48
Cigs not smoked:  532

Take care you all and hang in there,

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