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Re: In a major funk - Spoilered (Peter Barach)

I agree with Sierra that it s*cks to have a dx that is so 
hotly debated.  I honestly don't know what to believe about 
myself, although I *firmly* believe that others on this ng 
"fit" all the criteria for a dissoid dx.  

As for me, I'd rather be a plain ole alcoholic depressed 
middle-aged fat lady.  And maybe that's exactly what I am, 
and maybe my shrink is reading too much into my sudden 
mood swings and little trances and stuff.

That's what I think, most of the time.

But one thing I'm *really* grateful for is my shrink has 
never, *ever* pressed me to do hypnosis or EMDR or other 
odd stuff to "retrieve" memories.  He remains neutral to 
the weird little flashbacks I'm getting, and he maintains 
that he has to learn more before he can draw any sort of 

I love him for that.  He really, really, really thinks I'm DID, 
but he does *not* try to push my memories of anything.  
And he even tells me that it sounds to him like I *wasn't* 
ab*sed when I was a little kid, but he still feels like I'm 
DID anyway, and he can't quite figure it out, and neither 
can I, but we're trying to put the pieces together as a  
team, as honestly and openly as we can.

And I think that's what Peter means when he talks about 
taking a "neutral" stance toward someone's memories.  It 
doesn't really matter *what* happened; it just matters 
that you get to feel better about your life.

I think.


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