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NLPTALK: Re: qh process?

At 01:28 AM 13/3/97 -0800, x342323 wrote:
>what is this "QH" procces?
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>On Sat, 8 Mar 1997 quantum@internetnorth.com.au wrote:
>> Hi Ragnar,
>> I agree, it seems a little simplistic, and I certainly didn't get a "God"
>> or "bliss" experience, though I imagine that It would be possible to
>> take someone to that "bliss" state through hypnosis.
>> It's certainly possible with the "QH" process using a particular timeline
>> technique,
>> cheers,
Hello Kurt,

Apologies for taking so long to reply - have been somewhat tied up with
other things.

The QH process is a little hard to explain simply except to say that we:

1. Acess a number of resourceful states at once, each building on the other.

2. We then use these resourceful states to support the re-activation any
processes that have been either shut down or diminished  because of past trauma.

3. For this we explore the individuals' eyemaps in detail, including the
of the eyemaps with the timelines (or rather time zones) including the present

4. It's all aimed at optimalisation - using the person's unconscious mind's
wisdom to 
determin what is most optimal to them.

Trust this helps,

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