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Re: HEAL-L Digest - 14 May 1997 to 15 May 1997

Hi Trish,

I use crystals for healing. I wonder what vibrational sound bed is and what
it is used for.

Crystal blessings


At 07:07 AM 16-05-97 -0400, you wrote:
>Autistic children respond well to hypnosis, provided that the hypnotist is
>psychically attuned.  Hypnosis grounds as well as allowing the ability to
>free flow communication-a difficulty for autistic people. If you would like
>the name of a hypnotist in the area the child lives, email me and I will do
>my best to find someone. I am on the Cape, and I use a vibrational sound bed
>as well as crystals with my hypnosis and healing.
>Trish Casimira

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