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Another VOodoo?

Hi all,

I use the following code to conditionally bring up a data window.  The
method is invoked thru a menu item.  Activating it a couple of times
doesn't cause a problem.  But if I keep doing that 5 to 10 times (as you
would when you're testing it), the system freezes when I close the app.
No VO error message or Windows GPF warning, though I can kill the app by
pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del (I have the LocalDebug enabled) and Windows usually
recover gracefully.  Can anyone tell if there's anything in my code
attributing to the voodoo?

// My code starts here.

METHOD ShowContactPlan() CLASS MyShellWindow

    LOCAL oWin AS ContactPlan

    oWin := ContactPlan{ SELF }

    IF oWin:IsEmpty
       MessageBox( SELF:Handle(), ;
                   Psz("No upcoming contacts with your prospects."), ;
                   Psz("Contact Schedule"), MB_OK + MB_IconInformation )
       oWin:Show( ShowNormal )
CLASS ContactPlan INHERIT _ContactPlan

    PROTECT oSFPlanListSF AS PlanListSF
    PROTECT lEmptySchedule AS LOGIC
ACCESS IsEmpty CLASS ContactPlan
RETURN SELF:lEmptySchedule
METHOD Init( oWindow, iCtlID, oServer) CLASS ContactPlan

    FIELD LastUpdator, NCDate

    SUPER:Init( oWindow, iCtlID, oServer )

    SELF:oSFPlanListSF := PlanListSF{ SELF, _ContactPlan__PlanListSF, ;
				       DB_Contact{ , , , "DBFCDX"} }
    SELF:oSFPlanListSF:Server:SetFilter( ;
         { || LastUpdator == "Terrance" .AND. NCDate >= Today() } )

    IF SELF:oSFPlanListSF:Server:EOF

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Subject: Another VOodoo?