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*NEW* "The Naked Eye" (2/9)

"The Naked Eye"  (2/9)

written by GreenFish

SUMMARY:   Mulder and Scully go to uncover a UFO report... but
the scene of the crime is at a place where they might least expect

<rest of disclaimers, etc. in Part 1>

Chapter two.
	"I feel kind of liberated," Mulder joked, as the two stepped to
face each other again.  They both found it very difficult to be in the
presence of one another, as they weren't quite sure where to look. 
Finally, they decided that strict eye contact was safe.
	"Let's go, Mulder," Scully  said.  "We've got a case to solve." 
As they stepped out, Scully found herself unconsciously folding her
arms across her chest, in an attempt to hold whatever modesty
she'd ever had out.  Like that was going to help, she thought.  She
knew her efforts were futile, anyhow.  If anyone really wanted to
see anything, they surely could.
	She just hoped that no one wanted to see anything.

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