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Re: Pseudo-Nationalism

 In article <4qp7hh$>,
 Rahul Rajkumar <> wrote:
 >    The term "pseudo-secularism" has come into popular use, as one can 
 >see from the postings on this board.  I wish to introduce a new term, 
 >"pseudo-nationalism," an even more dangerous phenomenon.
 >Pseudo-nationalists are those who ignore South Asia's real problems in 
 >the name of Hindutva or Islamic Jehad or whatever.  They are those who 
 >ignore humanity's common enemies of war, poverty, hunger, disease in the 
 >name of Khalistan or Kashmiri nationalism.  Pseudo-nationalists rely on 
 >sensationalism as a means of gaining power.  They divide peoples and 
 >waste their creative energy.
 >"True nationalism," as I personally define it (you may disagree), is 
 >adherance to righteousness, a love of all humanity, and the drive to rid 
 >the world of war, poverty, hunger and disease.
 "Pseudonationals" have tried all means of peace and everytime they have
 been cheated and betrayed. So they woke up to the reality, and started
 picking up the pieces of tattered indian fabric and put them back
 together using a different strategy, not anunay-vinay this time.
 Pseudoseculars still live in their imaginary idealistic world,
 completely oblivious of the reality of the past and present. So one
 cannot expect them to have a vision of the future. Pseudoseculars, it
 seems will push indians to a kind of civil war, another partition may
 be, because, they will not allow any oppurtunity to go by to make indian
 minotities feel that they are 2nd grade people incapable of making their
 own decisions, incapable of entering a modern world, that they should
 stick to what their messiahs said centuries ago, and they should not
 believe in justice, they should kill their hindu brothers with impunity
 and also they should participate in riots regularly, otherwise they will
 not be following their religion. This, needless to say will drive hindus
 to retaliate, because there is only so much one can take. The harmony
 that could be created if all people were living under one law, as equal
 citizens, with none getting preferential treatment, no one being
 appeased to. But no! our Pseudosecular brothers and sisters will have
 none of it.