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Re: CDOT, CDAC and Hi-Tech in India

 In article, Venkatesh Raju <> () writes:
 ->Sudhi wrote:
 ->> Is there a deviation from the MPP philosophy in the PARAM 9000?
 ->> Or are the C-DAC guys blindly chugging along the same old route?
 ->> The reference to the "celebrated Param family" makes it appear
 ->> that they haven't yet realized that the earlier project was a
 ->> Megaflop! (pun unintended ;-) ).
 ->If you are so concerned about CDAC going a wrong path, why don't you
 ->write a letter to its director ?
 You must be kidding!  The only way in which these guys are different
 from the "I-know-it-all" bureaucrat in, say, the passport office, is 
 that they have a string of "degrees" against their name.  And if they
 happen to have a Ph.D. degree from USA, then that's it!  They are
 infallible, invincible, and omnipotent.  Even their secretaries would 
 refuse to look at a letter from any of us lesser mortals!
 ->Maybe C-DAC has a hardware and software base that is 10 years old, and
 ->they don't want to lose that investment.  So what's wrong ?  If the
 ->stuff they design can meet demands, there's no problem.
 Yes, there is no problem!  Absolutely!  Except for the little fact 
 that a hundred crores have gone down the drain so far, and the future
 seems to be filled with faster and faster PARAMs :-)
 ->And please refrain from indigenous technology bashing.  You apparently
 ->do not realise its value.  No problem with that, just don't poke fun at
 ->those that do.
 Yes, I will stop.  On the day you fly in the Indian-built better-than-
 Boeing-757 airplane!   I am told that they will be using the PARAM to
 build it!   So I guess the whole thing will get done faster than we all
 expect :-)