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"Manthan" Highlights, April-June, 1996

 "Manthan" Highlights, April-June, 1996 (Dr. Hedgewar Special)
 'Manthan' is the Quarterly Journal of Deendayal Research  Institute
 Vol. XVII, No. 2
 		"Churn on diligently" (Srimadbhagwat 8-6-23)
 ".... Once you feel the inspiration that of all people, who have been
 entrusted by the Almighty to uplift our country, you are also one of them,
 thereafter you will not lose a minute in making all-out efforts with heart
 and soul towards that end. ...." 
 -- Dr. Hedgewar
 "....The responsibility of editorship of Manthan is changing once again. I
 have to execute my new responibilities as a legislator in the Rajya Sabha,
 according to the wishes of the elders of the DRI family. The editing and
 publishing responsibility of Manthan has now been handed over to Mananiya
 Shri Yadav Rao Deshmukh. Mananiya Yadav Rao has long been a Sangh
 Pracharak, later on the editor of Panchjanya Weekly and thereafter of the
 Yug Week from Lucknow. Since the DRI embarked upon the Rural
 Reconstruction Project at Gonda (Gonda Gramoday Prakalp). Shri Yadav Rao
 has been entrusted its responsibility as the right hand man of respected
 Nana Ji. For the last four years he has been the General Secretary of
 Deendayal Research Institute. ...." 
 --Dr. Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Outgoing Editor, Manthan
 The Last Speech of Dr. Hedgewar
 June 9th, Valedictory Function, Officers Training Camp, Nagpur, 1940
 Address to the young swayamsevaks
 "... Make a solemn vow that so long life pulsates in your body, you will
 never neglect Sangh-responsibility. No discussion  should ever be able to
 cause a dilution of the mission. There should be no occasion of mentioning
 with apology that you 'had been a Swayamsevak five years ago.'  We will
 persist to remain Swayamsevaks as long as we live. Keep up the vigilance
 to maintain your determination to promote Sangh-work with your mind, body
 and soul. Everyday, while sleeping think over how much efforts you have
 made to escalate the Sangh. ...."
 ".... It should also be remembered that Sangh-work is not fulfilled merely
 by regularly attending the Sanghasthan daily or participating the
 programmes therein enthusiastically. We have to organize the Hindu society
 spread over the length and bredth of Hindusthan from the Himalayas to
 Kanya Kumari. The really important efforts are to be made not only amongst
 the swayamsevaks but also amongst the outsiders. It becomes our ardent
 duty to explain to them that we should help them understand clearly the
 true path of the upliftment of the nation. This path is only of
 organisation. RSS does not want to involve itself in any other activity. 
 The question as to what Sangh would do in the future is irrelevant. Sangh
 will only extend this organisational work manifold. Proceeding only in
 this way, we will surely see a day when the entire Bharat will be
 Sangh-saturated. Then no power on earth will dare to look with enmity
 towards the Hindu society.  We do not plan aggression of any other land
 but we shall for ever be cautious that no one should be able to attack us. 
 "The Relevance of Shri Guruji's Thoughts Today"
 First lecture of Commemoration-Lecture Series, DRI Auditorium
 Speech by Shri Dattopant Thengadi, (founder Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and
 Bharatiya Kisan Sangh), the Chief Guest