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Re: We DO want many more immigrants! (Andrew Chow) writes:
 >Blair Patric Bromley ( wrote:
 >: (Jerome Yau) writes:
 >: >Cook, please show some rational thinking in this issue. Your comment
 >: >is grossly unfair to many other Asian immigrants who do not behave in
 >: >the way you described. When will you realize the fact that there are
 >: >also some rude Euro-Canadians?
 >: >Take football hooliganism as an example, would you label Britons as
 >: >rude people because of this hooligian culture? If not why you label
 >: >Asians as rude people because of some isolated incidents?
 >[Blair's defense of British football deleted...]
     I just love it how Andrew cuts and pastes and comments to suit his
 needs in debating issues.  Incidentally, I was neither defending or
 attacking British football(soccer).  I was commenting on how the comparison
 of the behavior of British hooligans to that of certain Asians that Cook
 has a beef with is not a good comparison.
 >:    The comparison you've made with British hooligans to Cook's attack on the
 >: perceived social behavior of Asian immigrants is inappropriate.  The comparison
 >: is invalid and irrelevant.
 >Blair, you missed the point Jerome is making to illustrate to cook that 
 >his claim was indeed "invalid and irrelevant".  You are quite correct to 
 >point out that a few hooligans doesn't mean all British football players 
 >and fans are similar.  That was Jerome's point: stereotypes based on 
 >limited sampling is almost invariably wrong.
     Okay, I'll buy that.  But that wasn't the problem I had with Jerome's
 posting.  Sure, he makes a point, but the comparison was not a good one to
 use, since one involves criminal behavior, and the other does not.
 >:    If Cook is worried about Asian immigrants contributing to the abuse of
 >: the welfare system, then the solution is fairly simple:  get rid of welfare.
 >Now you proceed to fall into the wrong assumption that ANY Asian 
 >immigrants contibute to abusing the welfare system.  This is what I mean 
 >by the kind of false, "un-fair" accusations that is so typical of 
 >anti-immigration proponents in these newsgroups.  And given cook's 
 >condemnation of other people's lack of fair-play, I would add hypocrisy 
 >to his list of sins.
    What!!!!!!???????   Hey Andrew, I never fell into that assumption at all.
 It seems to me that you are either misinterpreting what I am saying, or 
 twisting it around for your own benefit.  I was merely going on the assumption
 that if what Cook believes is actually true, the solution is not to just
 shut out Asians from immigrating.
 >: If generous social programs are a magnet for immigrants who are not going to
 >: significantly contribute to Canada's economic prosperity, then it is up to 
 >: Canadians to eliminate welfare.  
 >And you are still insisting that you know the motivations of immigrants.  
     Again, Andrew Chow is stating what other people think.  I'm not trying to
 jump on J. Angus's side here, but I can certainly begin to understand why he
 gets pretty frustrated with your comments to his postings Andrew.  
 >I tell you that immigrants come to Canada, or any other country, in 
 >search of opportunities for a new life, a better life for their 
    Tell me something that people don't know already Andrew.  This is
 a pretty obvious reason.  Why else would someone emigrate?  Perhaps
 to escape persecution but then a person is not an immigrant... they're
 a refugee.