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Re: We DO want many more immigrants! (Jerome Yau) writes:
 >On Thu, 27 Jun 1996 07:06:53 GMT, (Cook) wrote:
 >>The finest example of "fair play" is the systems of welfare and medicare
 >>which exists in all but a few western nations.  Where are these schemes or
 >>even their pretense in eastern cultures and countries? 
 >Is this what "fair play" means? 
 >>The number of chinese who consider Vancouver a spitoon is disgusting. 
 >>Their inability to recognize that they block traffic lanes, shopping
 >>aisles etc. without the slightest regard for the inconveniences caused  to
 >>others.  Basically there is a real sense that the more inconvenience they
 >>create, the more important they feel.
 >Rubbish! Rubbish! Please stop stereotyping. 
 >Cook, please show some rational thinking in this issue. Your comment
 >is grossly unfair to many other Asian immigrants who do not behave in
 >the way you described. When will you realize the fact that there are
 >also some rude Euro-Canadians?
 >Take football hooliganism as an example, would you label Britons as
 >rude people because of this hooligian culture? If not why you label
 >Asians as rude people because of some isolated incidents?
     British hooliganism is a behavior that is characteristic of a small
 fraction of Britons, and a behavior which is frowned upon by the British
 public and condemned by their political leaders.  Indeed the British are taking steps to track down, prosecute and convict these criminals.  In a parallel      fashion, many Asian governments condemn the existence and activities of various
 gangs and drug lords within their countries.  The effort they put into 
 tracking these criminals down and putting them in jail where they belong is
 questionable, but I'll assume they are making the greatest effort possible.
    The comparison you've made with British hooligans to Cook's attack on the
 perceived social behavior of Asian immigrants is inappropriate.  The comparison
 is invalid and irrelevant.
    If Cook is worried about Asian immigrants contributing to the abuse of
 the welfare system, then the solution is fairly simple:  get rid of welfare.
 If generous social programs are a magnet for immigrants who are not going to
 significantly contribute to Canada's economic prosperity, then it is up to 
 Canadians to eliminate welfare.  
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